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Soothing Aroma Thai Massage in Berlin

Enter the lovely furnished ambience of AROMA and enjoy our revitalizing Thai massages. With warm colors and original Thai decorations, you can find a piece of Thailand in the middle of the capital. Give yourself a break and let yourself be pampered by our traditional Thai massages in Berlin Lichtenberg and Tiergarten-Mitte.

Thai Massage for Body and Soul

Our massages prevent certain diseases and have a soothing effect on muscle tensions, migraines and similar physical issues. The soul soothing massage helps strengthening your body´s natural defenses from the inside out.

Whether you want to do something for your health or just want to enjoy few moments of absolute relaxation – the massage salon AROMA is the place to be.

The Right Treatment for Your Well-Being

All our masseuses are trained in traditional massage techniques that revive your mind and body. The basis for this is centuries-old Asian medicine. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, the body is crisscrossed with energy lines and important acupressure points. Specific pressure, stroking or stretching techniques ensure that the body´s energy can flow unimpeded again. You can choose between different treatments – from the demanding, traditional Thai massage to the gentle massage with soothing aromatic oils.

Our Massagestudio

Our Thai massage salon is centrally located in the district Tiergarten not far from the subway station Kurfürstenstraße and in Berlin Lichtenberg at the bus and tram station Möllendorffstr./Storkower Str.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Thailändische Frau bekommt eine Kopfmassage

Relax with a traditional Thai massage! This dynamic and powerful type of massage treats the energy lines and important acupressure points. It reliefs tension, stimulates the metabolism and circulation and allows the life energies to flow unhindered through the body.

The traditional Thai massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) takes its inspiration from the ayurvedic teachings and stretching positions of yoga. By passive taking of different yoga positions, ten selected energy lines (sip sen) are processed. This is supported by gentle joint stretching and rhythmic pressure on acupressure points. The targeted massage at these points is supposed to solve blockages in the energy field. According to the Thai doctrine, these blockages are the origin of many diseases. In addition, the Thai massage stimulates joint mobility and relaxes and loosens the muscles. The massage can provide relief for a variety of physical issues such as back and joint pain, nausea, sleeping disorders and headaches. There is a huge difference between a Thai massage and a classical, European massage, which uses more stroking and pressure than stretching.

The Process of a Thai Massage

A Thai massage is very extensive and affects the whole body. A typical massage routine consists of at least 77 individual techniques and rarely takes less than a full hour. Before the Thai massage, there will be a short conversation to clarify general health aspects. Followed by the actual massage, where you should ideally wear something light and loose. A usual Thai massage begins at the feet and is then gradually worked over the entire body to the head. After the massage, you will feel relaxed, but maybe a bit exhausted.

Thai massages are generally used for disease prevention and should not take place when there are heart issues, acute injury, inflammation or fever. It is not recommended to have a Thai massage during pregnancy.

Full Body Massage in Berlin

Thailändische Frau bekommt eine Hot Stone-Massage

With a full body massage, you will be spoiled from head to toe. It serves your health and increases your well-being. The soft strokes provide an intense sense of well-being, deeper tissue massage techniques loosen muscle tension in a pleasant way. At the same time the blood circulation is promoted, and pain is prevented. The hand movements used for this massage include stroking, tapping, pressure and rubbing movements. Our masseuses combine different techniques fluently and in even movements, which makes the massage a soothing as well as relaxing experience.

Procedure of a Thai Full Body Massage

Before the full body massage starts, a short conversation will be held during which you can point out any physical limitations. Afterwards you make yourself comfortable on the lounger, while we prepare the nourishing massage oil. The massage usually begins on the back, from where the massage is slowly extended to the rest of the body. All body parts are included – from the feet to the face. This provides deep relaxation and is a blessing for the entire body. Part of the massage takes place on the back and part in the prone position. During the full body massage, you can simply kick back, relax, let your thoughts drift off and completely concentrate on the pleasant sensations.

This intense massage reduces stress, relives muscle tension throughout the entire body and activates your self-healing powers. Thanks to the relaxing spa experience for body and soul, you will return to the everyday life in a relaxed and vitalized way.

Ölmassage und Aromaölmassage

Tray mit zwei Fläschen Massageöl und Orchideeblüten, im Hintergrund liegt eine thailändische Frau auf dem Bauch und bekommt eine Hot Stone-Massage

The gentle aroma oil massage serves the relaxation and the well-being of body and soul. By gently applying pressure at important points of the energy network, your energy flows and tensions are released. In contrast to the traditional Thai massage, where you are fully dressed, soothing oil is massaged into the bare skin. It is a bit softer and more relaxing than the demanding, general Thai massage and more in line with the classic idea of a wellness massage. Easy but most effective fundamental techniques are used during an oil massage. That includes gently flowing strokes with the palm and deeper strokes with the weight on the heel of hand. Deep, punctual strokes with finger and thumb, which exert a lot of pressure, are especially effective in relieving tensions. Our masseuses combine a variety of methods for a relaxing and energizing spa experience.

Soothing Massage with Aromatic Oils

We use pure vegetal oils that revitalize and moisturize the skin.

The full body massage with aromatic oils takes some time, at least 60 minutes. If you are having doubts, if the oil massage is the right one for you, consult your doctor or us in advance. In case of fresh tattoos, certain skin diseases or other medical issues it may be advisable not to use an oil massage.

Soothing Face Massage in Berlin

Thailändische Frau bekommt eine Hot Stone-Massage

The head is the body’s control system and in many Asian teachings considered as the „gate to the soul”. Invigorating facial massages develop their effects on the entire body and not just on the head. Facial massages relax the muscles with gentle pressure, strokes and circular movements. By targeted treatment of the nerve pressure points facial tensions can be solved.

Facial skin is extremely sensitive, and the nerve cells are very close to each other. In addition, the contours are in contrast to other body regions such as the back, very sensitive. For this reason, the facial massage is performed with gentle movements. This has a soothing and extremely relaxing effect. In case of stress, headaches or inner restlessness, this type of massage is especially recommended.

Thai facial massage prevents wrinkles

The facial massage is not only relaxing – the gentle massage stimulates the blood circulation and ensures a fresher and younger appearance in the long term. The stimulated blood flow prevents skin impurities and even slight swelling can be reduced. The oils used have a soothing effect on the skin: the skin is cleansed, invigorated and skin dryness will be reduced. Many oils also have a disinfecting effect and improve the appearance of the skin. The deep moisturizing treatment and the increased blood circulation can counteract wrinkles. The gentle face massage is mainly soothing the soul: The pleasant atmosphere ensures deep relaxation, afterwards you’ll feel balanced and grounded.

Thai Foot Massage Berlin

Tray mit zwei Fläschen Massageöl und Orchideeblüten, im Hintergrund liegt eine thailändische Frau auf dem Bauch und bekommt eine Hot Stone-Massage

After conviction of traditional Thai teachings, the feet interact with the whole body. Foot massages are therefore a popular way to animate a healthy flow of energy. The classical Thai foot massage is primary intended to relax and prevent discomfort but can also be used to relieve pain.

In addition to gentle pressure, rubbing, stroking and tapping, the feet and toes are stretched and moved in different directions. An extensive foot massage not only includes the treatment of the sole and ball of the foot, but also the gaps between the toes. If necessary, we use a massage wand or stone. In this way, a punctual massage can be done, and acupressure points can be targeted. For the foot massage in Berlin Mitte we use high-quality and natural oils, which makes the massage a pleasant experience and also care for the skin.

Foot Reflexology for Relaxation and Health

The Thai foot massage is a millennium old tradition. There are important acupuncture points in the soles, via the reflex zones circulation and metabolism can be stimulated. A modern foot reflexology is similar to the traditional foot massage according to Thai medical theory. The energy or sen lines, that run through the whole body, end in the feet. Thus, a skillful exercise of pressure can stabilize the flow of energy, regulate the function of internal organs, solve physical tensions and mental blockages. A Thai foot massage is alike to a foot reflexology, based on the assumption that certain areas of the foot are connected to specific body regions.

Our Rooms

Experience relaxation in a completely private atmosphere. Give yourself a break from everyday` stresses and recharge your batteries with our extensive range of wellness treatments in an authentic atmosphere. After the treatment you will feel charged up with new energy, ready to face everyday life strengthened again.

Our Massage – Team in Berlin Lichtenberg and Tiergarten-Mitte

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